Who is Montae 3x?

Born and raised in East Oakland; facing adversity is nothing to a young king. Overcoming obstacles is second nature for a warrior like Montae. Swaggy ladies’ man, smooth and charismatic. Easy on the eyes, hardworking and determined, 3X isn't letting anything get in the way of his dreams. Gifted and focused—a cold combination. Kindhearted, thoughtful, loyal, and protective, the type of guy you'd be lucky to have in your corner. Montae 3x is a force to be felt, heard, and understood. His music speaks for itself. His growth over the years has shown the maturity and elevation of his craft. Pure genius, harmonic vibes, and soul gripping lyrics; Montae 3x is an artist who is using his creativity and intuitiveness to create a wave of his own. Intellectual. Street smart. Solid Heart. Follow the KiiD on his journey as he continues to chase his dreams while navigating throughout the ever changing Bay Area. Montae 3x is Baysick-ly Essential and we are happy to have him as apart of our team! Stay on the look out for our up and coming collection inspired and influenced by Montae 3x.


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